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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [November 7, 2019]

[Kevin Edmundson]

[The Oz Foundation]




[Cannabis 201 at the Capitol]

[ to be held at the Capitol]

[Florida]: [The Oz Foundation] today, announce its partnership with other state organizations and non profits in the State of Florida to represent the interests of the medical cannabis industry and the negative effects of current legislation.   One of the negative effects of Florida’s stringent medicinal cannabis legislation is that the cost to receive care is extremely high compared with comparable industry standards. The Oz Foundation believes that something as small as simply reintroducing the ability of cannabis providers to utilize tele-medicine methods would greatly reduce costs. 

Other initiatives being discussed are the ability for patients to grow their own medicine and a reduction of state licensing prices. The current legislation for both of these create a funnel effect directly into large industry pockets. Minor amendments to existing legislation would give Floridians a more level playing field to entire into the cannabis industry thus creating small businesses and generating tax revenues. 

“[The Oz Foundation encourages anyone and everyone to come out and stand up for their god given rights to utilize and treat themselves with plant based medicine],” says [Kevin Edmundson], [Founder] at [The Oz Foundation]. “[We do this  because we believe in the healing and medicinal properties of plant based medicine. We also offer free medical marijuana evaluations to all 100% disabled veterans and terminally ill patients, every day].”

The benefits of this event include.

  • Low cost medical marijuana recommendation evaluations. 
  • An opportunity to come out and sign a petition to help move florida’s mmj laws in a direction the patient believes aligns with the core beliefs and values. 
  • Opportunities for networking and meeting those who help create our mmj laws, in Florida.


About [The Oz Foundation]: At The OZ Foundation, our mission Is to…help people find hope through the use of plant medicine one medical card at a time, providing discounted rates for medical marijuana card recommendations for all patients. The Oz does free medical marijuana recommendations for 100% disabled veterans and terminally ill patients. 

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