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About Kevin Edmundson

November 2015: My wife Jocelyn and I spent our 20th anniversary in Jamaica. Soon after getting home from our vacation I started to get sick. It felt like I had the worst sunburn imaginable over my entire body. As the weeks passed, I started to experience continuing and worsening deficits and pain. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder for which they didn’t have a name. Pain, migraines, and seizures started to take over my life.

It got worse. I got shingles. At this point, life was a very dark and painful place that no amount of painkillers could seem to help. The darkness swallows you whole, as you are blind to any hope while things continue to get worse for no explainable reason.

The unexplained illness took over my life and I was no longer able to work. During this time, I became Dr. Medicated and lived my life virtually online through games like “Destiny” and “World of Warcraft” to stay busy and keep my mind out of complete darkness. Being mobile and doing anything besides sitting was not possible due to pain and the other complications.

2018: Doctors found cancer in 2 polyps in my stomach. The pain was worsening, and my body continued to fall apart. I started to bruise with every touch, and my foot broke from trying to step on it. I lost the ability to walk.

Doctors informed me that my testosterone, iron, vitamin B12 and C were alarmingly low. I went back and forth to the Cancer Center for iron and other medications. The amount of diagnostic scans, blood work, and other treatments is far too long to list in detail. They put me on a $140,000 spinal simulator to help the pain, and not even that had any effect.

I kept getting worse. I ended up on a cocktail of 25 different prescription medications everyday.Nothing helped, and the medications just seemed to make me more sick. To add to the struggle, I had a stroke. It was a never-ending cycle with no light at the end of the tunnel. Debilitating migraines, seizures, and pain persisted along with the cancer.

January 2019: Jocelyn wanted me to try and find a new normal. She took me off the 25 prescription medications and put me on CBD and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil, which is a combination of CBD and THC).


March 2019: My skin stopped feeling like it was burning off, for the first time in almost 4 years. I also started to show drastic improvement in my pain, migraines, and seizures. Jocelyn had eliminated all of my needs for opiates and other doctor prescribed medications.

My migraines are few and far between now. My blood work is normalizing, and I can walk again. I was at 350 LB, now I am down to 298 LB. All I have done is get off my prescription medications and replace that treatment with CBD and RSO!

My normal daily treatment is to drink hot tea or coffee infused with RSO and CBD, combined with edible products. I feel great and can move around on my own with ease and have not had a seizure since February!

CBD and THC, when used properly, can save your life. Or at least give you a fighting chance. It did for me.


Why I Started The OZ Foundation

I lost nearly 4 years of my life. I missed so much of my life due to being under a fog of pain and prescribed medications. Seeing videos and pictures of myself I can’t believe my own eyes. My youngest daughter started to struggle with drugs and was in ongoing treatment, it was heartbreaking not being able to be there for her in the best way that I could. She is on the other side of things now and doing better, and will be giving me a new granddaughter very soon (I can’t wait to meet Lucy!).

Through it all, I had the support of my family. I am a father to three beautiful girls. My oldest Anisa is studying to be a nurse, while Tally is my Air Force brat. Thank you for keeping us safe at night! My grandson Peyton was always by my side. Needless to say, the biggest hero was my understanding, loving, and patient wife. I love her more than words can describe, I am so blessed and thankful to have had the last 24 years together.

I credit my best friend, Jason Rayner, with being the inspiration for seeking out plant medicine. He was a veteran who struggled with physical pain and psychological trauma as a result of his service. We lost him in 2014. The best treatment he found was through the use of CBD.






I started The OZ Foundation because plant medicine saved me and gave me back my life. I want nothing more than to help others have this same opportunity.





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