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The Oz Foundation is here to help!


Oz Education 



The Oz Foundation have
collaborated to offer education seminars to rural areas
statewide. Our goal is to partner with other physicians’
offices and plant  related companies to provide the
community with the following:
• Education seminars
• The ability to speak to vendors and get education on the best
practice to use products
• Access to video education class online (Free & Paid)
• Doctors and Medical Professionals ready to answer any questions

We offer the latest medically and scientifically based training and certification programs in the  industry, through our online, on-demand courses where you can learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere in the world. Our students include retailers, manufacturers, health and wellness practitioners as well as new entrants into the industry that need to get up to speed quickly. We work with corporate clients, small companies, startups, public cannabis companies and individuals from all around the world.  Get started today!

What People Are Saying

Customer Testimonials

These guys are awesome. They answered every one of my newbie questions with educated responses.
The entire process was easy and took just about an hour.
The Doctor was amazing gave me notes on strains for my different issues.
I feel educated, hopeful and inspired!!

Beth Dupree

Miss Oklahoma,

Geat people. Helped my husband with everything. They are very knowledgeable and thorough too. Can’t thank them enough.

Anette Ketche
Anette Ketchem


Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional group. I highly recommend!!
If you need a card watch for patient drives by The OZ Foundation.
Great group!

Melanie May


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30 Day Guarantee

We will make sure you get a full refund if your application is denied.

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